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Tampa Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Charged with a drug crime in Tampa?

When facing drug crime charges, it is crucial that you take action and retain a Tampa drug crime defense lawyer that has a proven record in defending serious drug offenses. At Taracks Rickman & Associates, our drug crime defense team has exceptional qualifications and experience in defending all types of drug crime cases. As former prosecutors, we have a full understanding of the criminal justice system from both sides, and provide our clients with energetic and aggressive legal counsel.

With over 25 years collective experience, the legal team of Tampa drug crime defense attorneys at our fimr have the skilled and professional approach to drug crime cases that can increase the possibility of a better outcome in your legal situation, whether a dismissed charge, "not guilty" verdict, or a lesser charge. Drug crimes have severe penalties in our state, and acting quickly in contacting the firm is strongly advised. The defense of your case should be initiated as soon as you have been arrested. Our firm represents clients charged with any of the following drug offenses in Tampa:

Drug Crimes
Being charged with a drug crime could result in harsh penalties, depending on the crime. If you were charged with possession, you could be facing misdemeanor charges as well as fines. If you were found to have more drugs in your possession that would be used for personal use, prosecution will try to say that you were going to sell the drugs and convict of you possession with intent to distribute. Sale, distribution, manufacturing,trafficking, transportation, smuggling, and importation could all be tired as federal crimes as they involved crossing state lines or country borders. As these cases are more severe, you could be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Drug Enforcement Administration. Prescription fraud involving prescription drugs involves doctor shopping, taking drugs from pharmacies, or forging prescriptions. Contact our firm if you are facing any charges regarding the following drugs:

Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Tampa

All aspects of your case must be reviewed at once if you hope to fight to avoid a conviction. As there are frequently serious errors in police procedure, our attorney will immediately identify the procedure violations, whether you were a victim of an illegal stop, search or other action. No one is above the law - including the police. If they violated your rights, we have the opportunity to file a court challenge to suppress illegally gained evidence. Probable cause is a necessity when searching for contraband and this right is protected by the U.S. Constitution. In many cases overzealous law enforcement has been found to cut corners and bypass the correct and legal procedure. This opens the door to a dismissal of charges.

Never answer questions until our attorney arrives. The statements you make are all being carefully noted and will definitely be used against you in court. Our approach to drug crime cases is aggressive and thorough. There is no aspect of your case that will not be fully reviewed in order to seek out the best options to defend your case. There are an astonishing number of cases that are found to have strong defense possibilities after our analysis of the police reports, interviews with clients about the situation, and other evidence.

When seeking a powerful Tampa drug crime defense attorney that will make your case a priority, contact our firm. The legal team is prepared to defend you from the moment you are arrested, and guide you through the criminal justice system process. The state prosecutor has the burden of proof. We are very familiar with all aspects of "the system" and will work within the restrictions and pursue a favorable case outcome, through aggressive investigation of the facts and through an energetic challenge of the prosecutor's evidence against you. We are proud of our "not guilty" verdicts, and will fight for you in court.

Contact a Tampa drug crime defense attorney from our firm at once if arrested for any drug-related offense.